Emotion-Centric Financial Decision-Making and Learning

Competence in financial matters has become part and parcel of everyday life, both at the work place and in our daily lives. Traditional learning cannot deliver the necessary skills, and more innovative solutions are needed. Serious games, wearable sensors, and a focus on emotions lie at the heart of this project’s novel, technology-supported approach to expertise and competence-building in financial decision making.

Our learning approach

The xDelia Learning Pathway embodies a learning design that focuses on developing greater self-awareness of internal affective states and on increased ability to reflect critically on emotion-informed choices rather than on the elimination of emotions. Read more…

Tools and applications

We have developed new tools and technology-enhanced approaches to training more effective regulation of emotions whilst still allowing the application of expert intuition. This includes techniques to support transfer of learning into the real-world practice. Read more…


Empirical studies and evaluations

We have evaluated the learning tools and technologies in over thirty field studies, lab experiments, and user experience studies. The evidence on learning effects and on user acceptance substantiates our emotion-centric approach to financial decision making. Read more…

The science behind xDelia

Emotions are inextricably intertwined with cognition at all stages of decision making and often play an important adaptive role. They mediate not only rapid expert situation recognition and the application of expert intuition, but also persistent cognitive biases. Read more…


Meet the team

xDelia builds on the expertise and skills from various European research institutions and from business, covering a broad range of disciplines and fields of practice: financial trading, quantitative finance, psychology of finance, learning technology design and evaluation, experimental psychology, neuroeconomics, experimental economics, physioeconomics, psychophysiology, sensor engineering, game development, and financial capability.

By expertise

Investment and trading · financial capability · emotions in finance · game development · sensors engineering · evaluation of learning technologies

By organisation

Blekinge TH · CIMNE · Erasmus University · FZI · The Open University · Saxo Bank · University of Bristol

By people

Adele Atkinson · Sharon Collard · Elaine Kempson · Andrea Finney · David Hayes · Mark Fenton O’Creevy · Eileen Scanlon · Gráinne Conole · Gill Clough · Daniel Richards · Gareth Davis · Richard Tomlin · Shalini Vora · Mark Gaved · Stephan Heuer · Kristina Schaff · Clemens van Dinther · Christophe Kunze · Caroline Jähing · Philipp Astor · Marc Adam · Stefan Seifert · Stefan Hey · Ale Smidts · Mark van Overveld · Pranjal Mehta · Craig Lindley · Charlotte Sennersten · Henrik Cederholm · Henrik Poulsen · Jeanette Eriksson · Lee Sandberg · Olle Hilborn · Petar Jerčić · Jeffrey Todd Lins · Jung Tay Yee · Anna Szymkowiak Have · Gilbert Peffer · Bàrbara Llacay