Blekinge Tekniska Högskola

BTH is the lead partner for game concept development and game implementation

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH, www.bth.se) is a broad-based university of technology with a clear focus on applied IT and sustainable development of industry and society. BTH was founded in 1989 and ten years later, after a positive evaluation, achieved the right to independently award doctorate degrees in technology areas. Research at BTH ranges from engineering and mathematics to spatial planning, the humanities, business administration and health. Today, research activities represents one third of the institute’s turnover, which is a large share at a young university like BTH. BTH runs several doctorate programs and over the last few years the number of Ph. D. students has increased substantially.

Games Systems and Interaction Research Laboratory

Game System and Interaction Research Laboratory (GSIL) specializes in the ongoing development of theory, methods and practice in the design and development of game systems and interactive technologies. The group incorporates research themes including methodologies for design, game and interaction design, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), and new paradigms for information technologies (e.g. ubiquitous computing, wearable and mobile technologies, user adaptive systems, robotics).

GSIL research may be considered from two perspectives:

The main role of BTH in xDelia is the design, implementation, testing, and evaluation of game technology and prototypes. Their role will moreover cover participatory design, usability design, and learning design for cognitive games. Finally, the research team will develop a framework to design games that encapsulate specific learning outcomes.


Lead investigator:

Craig Lindley – craig.lindley@bth.se


Henrik Cederholm – henrik.cederholm@bth.se

Jeanette Eriksson – jeanette.eriksson@bth.se

Olle Hilborn – olle.hilborn@bth.se

Petar Jercic – pjr@bth.se

Charlotte Sennersten – charlotte.sennersten@bth.se