CIMNE is the coordinator of xDelia and the lead partner for dissemination and exploitation of project results in xDelia

The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, www.cimne.upc.edu) is a research organization in Barcelona, Spain. CIMNE employs some 150 scientists and engineers from different scientific disciplines and nationalities, and has internationally recognised expertise in the development of novel numerical methods and their use in a wide range of engineering applications. Over the past fifteen years, CIMNE has participated in over 400 RTD private and publicly funded national and international projects involving some 200 companies and organisations.

The socio-economic research group within CIMNE is the scientific coordinator of the xDelia project. The group has previously coordinated EU projects in the area of business simulation, decision support systems, and e-learning. The main area of expertise of the group is financial modelling, multiagent simulation of financial markets, and financial crises.

CIMNE’s role in xDelia, apart from coordinating the project, is to develop financial behaviour and decision models for the financial capability and investor application domains, and to contribute to various aspects of participatory evaluation as a member of the core evaluation team.


Lead investigator and project coordinator:

Gilbert Peffer – gilbert.peffer@xdelia.org


Bàrbara Llacay – barbara.llacay@xdelia.org