I am currently working as a project coordinator at the Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering and as a researcher with IAFI, a small research unit at the University of Barcelona that focuses on the broad philosophical and methodological foundations of finance.

I studied aeronautical and aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart where I also worked as a research assistant on aerodynamic simulation models. In 1992 I joined the Oxford University Computing Lab to continue in this line of research, but with a more theoretical emphasis on the numerical mathematics of partial differential equations. In 1995, I was hired by Salomon Brothers, a U.S. investment bank, into their fixed income research division where I worked for a number of years, first as a generalist, then as a vice-president. In the year 2000, I took up a position at CIMNE to promote research activities in the field of numerical methods in finance. I have coordinated a number of research projects in the area of learning technologies, decision support, and business simulation.Currently I am coordinating a EU research project, x Delia, that investigates the role of behavioural biases and emotions in building financial competence and expertise, and that develops sensor and game technologies to support non-formal and informal learning in professional trading, private investment, and personal finance.

My current research interests centre on investigating systemic financial risk as a social, governmental, and immanently reflexive phenomenon, on developing a methodological basis for multiagent modelling of financial markets, and on conceptualising serious games for immersive learning in business and finance.

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Career history