Dear Investor/Trader,

xDelia is looking for private investors and traders who are willing to participate in the recently developed xDelia Mindful Trader Training. The study has been designed to help you improve your capacity to regulate your emotions through mindfulness training.

Emotions are an important factor in trading. You may experience strong emotions following a loss or a profit. However, emotions are not just consequences from earlier trading decisions, but may impact upcoming trading decisions as well. For example, an upsetting loss may cause you to fear taking risks for the rest of your trading day. Emotions can also help guide your path to the most effective decisions (e.g., a ‘gut instinct’ that a trade could be profitable). The xDelia Mindful Trader Training aims to help private investors and traders such as yourself to manage their emotions more effectively.

The training programme lasts for four weeks and is fully online and self-guided (though an expert can be reached at any time). As a participant you will be expected to login to our training website each day (seven days a week). Six days a week a new exercise becomes available. On the seventh day we ask that you carry out a 15 minute breathing (or meditation exercise) of your choice and then logon to the training website to register that you have completed the exercise. Most of the exercises are short (less than 15 minutes), although some may require practice over the day, and occasionally, there will be a longer exercise (but no longer than one hour). As changing your emotion regulation strategies takes time and serious commitment, we recommend you consistently spend a minimum of 15 minutes each day on exercises from the course.

Usually, mindfulness trainings are quite costly. You have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this novel training for free. Yet, we kindly ask that before and after the training, you participate in two measurements sessions which are also fully online. In those measurements session, you will complete a survey on emotions and emotion regulation, as well as play computer games that are related to financial decision-making. This is vital for our research. By participating in these pre- and post-training measurements we can revise the training further and learn about its effects. We will also be able to provide you with personalised feedback on your performance.

If you are interested in taking part please email xDelia@open.ac.uk to obtain your individual login and password information. All our studies are conducted within a strict research ethics framework and all individual data is kept confidential. You have the right to withdraw from the study at any time.

Dr Mark van Overveld (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Dr Gareth Davies (The Open University Business School)