Our Objective

Our mission in xDelia is to produce both knowledge and novel applications capable of improving financial decision making in three different fields of practice: professional trading, private investment, and personal finance. The project uses and also evaluates the potential of games, game technologies, and sensors as components in learning support environments, and as tools to conduct experimental and field research.

Our choice of these technologies for improving learning outcomes is motivated by recent findings in the expertise and decision making literature. Those are pointing to the importance for competence building of contextual and psychological validity, and of the need for timely and relevant feedback. Games and sensors allow us to incorporate the characteristic of context validity and feedback into learning support environments.

xDelia pilot applications

Research outcomes and the development of games and sensor technologies form the basis for xDelia’s pilot applications in trading, investment, and personal finance. In addition to game software and sensor hardware, these applications are supplemented by documentation and recommendations for the appropriate setup of the learning support environment, and guidelines for the deployment and piloting of the pilot.