Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank A/S (SAXO, www.saxobank.com) is a global investment bank specialising in online investments in international Capital Markets. Saxo Bank enables clients to trade currencies, shares, CFDs, futures, options and other derivatives, as well as providing portfolio management via its online trading platform, SaxoTrader. SaxoTrader has been developed by Saxo Bank and is available to today’s investor directly through Saxo Bank or through one of our global partnerships, where it forms an integral part of the infrastructure. Saxo Bank has more than 100 White Label Partners and thousands of clients in over 177 countries. The bank’s website www.saxobank.com receives approximately 65,000 visitors every day. Saxo Bank’s headquarter in Copenhagen, which includes a large IT team, is backed up by operating offices in London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Amsterdam, Prague, Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo and a representative office in Beijing.

Quantitative Analysis and Algorithmic Trading

The bank’s Quantitative Research and Algorithmic Trading department is responsible for the logical and mathematical development of the bank’s models and the design and implementation of advanced computation techniques, machine learning and automation in the bank’s systems. The department’s research includes modeling human and machine behavior and performance in decision making under uncertainty and constraints on computation time and space.

The role of SAXO in xDelia is to formulate and study decision situations in market models as well as actual human-computer interactions in real-world decision making environments. Moreover, SAXO will provide support for interfaces to trading applications as well as development and/or integration of learning support tools.


Lead investigator:

Jeffrey Todd Lins – jtl@saxobank.com


Anna Szymkowiak Have – aha@saxobank.com

Jung Tay Yee – juy@saxobank.com