University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is the lead partner for the financial capability application domain

Personal Finance Research Centre

The Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC, www.pfrc.bris.ac.uk) is an independent research centre that specialises in social research across all areas of personal finance, mainly from the consumer’s perspective. Much of their work focuses on financial exclusion and inclusion, credit use and over-indebtedness, financial capability and financial decision-making, money management and savings. The research team has extensive experience in empirical research, including designing, undertaking and analysing both large-scale quantitative and in-depth qualitative research. The PFRC conducts research and provides policy advice for a wide range of organisations, including the European Commission, UK government departments, trade associations, charities, and the private sector.

The role of PFRC is to develop a conceptual basis for financial capability appropriate for the objectives of xDelia and to critically assess existing approaches to developing financial capability. Furthermore, PFRC will implement a range of research instruments to measure levels of financial capability and analyse the key determinants.


Lead investigator:

Sharon Collard – s.collard@bristol.ac.uk